front of Inked Keto Bread package

Inked Keto Bread at Costco

front of Inked Keto Bread package
Inked Keto Bread from Costco

Costco has a lot of keto friendly foods in their aisles. You can even find keto bread, which can be a little scary. Will it taste good? How’s the texture? Do I really want to buy 2 loaves of this bread? With some of these questions in mind, I decided to throw caution to the wind and try the Inked Keto Bread at Costco.

They had the Timber Wolf Keto Seeds Bread from Inked Bread in stock. It came with 2 loaves for $11.89. Keep reading for Timber Wolf nutrition information, ingredients, shopping details, and more.

Nutrition Information and Ingredients for Timber Wolf Keto Seeds Bread

See the picture below which was taken from the back of the packaging for nutrition facts and ingredients.

nutrition information and ingredients for Timber Wolf Keto Seeds Bread

I was drawn to this bread because of it’s lower calorie count per slice (45 calories) compared to non-keto breads, as well as the the fact that there was zero sugar and 11g of carbohydrates per slice.

Texture and Taste of Timber Wolf Bread

overhead shot of slice of Inked Keto Bread
Slice of Timber Wolf Inked Keto Seeds Bread

I was a bit worried about the texture of this bread since the word “seeds” is in its name. I was picturing lots of seeds getting stuck in my teeth, but actually it’s very soft. The texture is similar to any non-keto, white bread you could get. I would almost use the word “fluffy” to describe it.

I’ve tried it toasted on a lower setting, and it continues to maintain a slightly softer texture. It doesn’t get super hard or crusty when toasted.

I’ve eaten it toasted with Kirkland Almond Butter. I’ve also used it to make a sandwich. It held up well for the sandwich, and didn’t fall apart. I’ve also used it in a “healthy” French toast recipe and it was good there, too.

Shopping Information and Notes

  • I purchased the 2-pack of Timber Wolf Inked Keto Seeds Bread from our local Costco in Hawaii for $11.89.
  • Would I buy it again? Yes! I think it’s a great bread, especially if you’re looking to watch your calorie or carbohydrate intake.
  • I did put one loaf in the refrigerator, as moisture and mold tends to be an issue in Hawaii. Honestly, it was just as good when I ate the loaf that had been in the refrigerator for a few days.
  • Looking for more information about Inked Bread? Check out their website:
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