Hawai'i Costco Finds
picture of top of Waialua Fresh eggs box

Waiālua Fresh Eggs at Costco

One of the wonderful things about Costco stores in Hawai’i is that you can find products that are locally grown or made in the islands. I love that I can find Waiālua Fresh eggs at Costco. They are one of the staples in my refrigerator.

King Oyster Mushrooms

Hamakua Mushrooms

One of my favorite “grown in Hawaii” products at Costco is Hamakua Mushrooms. Sold in an 8 oz. container, the Pleurotus eryngii (a.k.a. King Trumpet Mushroom, King Oyster Mushroom, or Ali’i Oyster) is the largest of the oyster mushrooms. Not only are they beautiful (look at that picture above!), but they taste great when cooked and are quite popular among vegetarian and vegan recipes.