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HighKey Mini Cookies

Picture of HighKey bag and mini cookies in a dish.
HighKey Mini Cookies satisfy your sweet cravings.

I picked up this snack from Costco recently. A friend recommended them. Admittedly, I was skeptical that these HighKey Mini Cookies could satisfy my sweet cravings, but I was wrong!

The package advertises them as keto friendly, grain free, and gluten free. However, they do not lack the sweet flavor or texture of your normal chocolate chip cookies.

Keep reading for nutrition information, ingredients, and shopping information.

Nutrition Information and Ingredients for HighKey Mini Cookies

Nutrition Information from the back of HighKey mini cookies bag.
Nutrition Information and Ingredients for HighKey mini cookies.

As indicated on the package, one serving size is approximately 7 mini cookies. In my opinion, this is a satisfying amount.

If you’re watching your sugar, there is none in these cookies, but they are sweetened with Erythritol, Stevia Extract, and Monk Fruit Extract.

HighKey mini cookies front of bag
Find HighKey cookies at Costco


  • I do recommend these, especially if you’re a fan of cookies, but watching your sugar intake.
  • These make a nice small snack if packed with your lunch or a good after dinner dessert, if you’re craving something small and sweet.
  • The regular price at Costco for these cookies is $12.99 for a 12 oz bag. I bought mine on sale in February 2022 for $8.99.
  • Keto friendly, grain free, and gluten free
  • Find out more about HighKey products on their website: www.highkey.com
  • If you’re interested in more Costco snacks, check out Girl Scout Thin Mint Almonds.

If you’ve tried these cookies, let us know what you thought of them in the comments!

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