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Jonny Pops

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Jonny Pops are chocolate-dipped strawberry pops

My sister sent me a text message one day to tell me about Jonny Pops. She heard from a friend that they were a delicious strawberry treat, and they were available at Costco stores in Hawaii.

At first I resisted, but a creamy strawberry pop dipped in chocolate sounded pretty amazing. I picked up a box of 16 pops for $13.59.

Nutrition Information and Ingredients for Jonny Pops

Jonny Pops nutrition facts and ingredients
Nutrition information and ingredients for Jonny Pops


  • These pops are gluten-free.
  • They contain milk, coconut, and soy.
  • Keep them in your freezer.
  • Every popsicle stick has a good deed printed on it.
  • They are a creamy strawberry treat that remind me of chocolate dipped strawberries. I highly recommend this product for a quick family dessert. Strawberry and chocolate lovers will enjoy it.
  • At the time of publishing, this product was available at Costco stores in Hawaii. This box was purchased at the Hawaii Kai Costco for $13.59.
  • Found this product in the frozen dessert section of Costco.
  • For more information on this product and their company, visit their website,
  • Follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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