front of Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries package

Tru Fru Strawberries

front of Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries package
Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries from Costco

I avoid buying strawberries, when it’s not summer time. They’re kind of expensive and don’t taste as sweet when they’re not in season. So when I spotted these Tru Fru strawberries in the frozen section of Costco in the middle of January, the hankering for my favorite berries came back really strong. I thought, “How can you go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries?!”

Apparently you can’t go wrong. For good measure, they use white AND milk chocolate to cover these strawberries. Keep reading for nutrition information, ingredients, shopping details, and more!

Nutrition Information and Ingredients for Tru Fru Strawberries

See below for pictures of the nutrition facts and ingredients from the back of the Tru Fru package.

nutrition information for Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries
Nutrition information for chocolate covered strawberries
Ingredients for Tru Fru chocolate covered strawberries from back of bag
Ingredients for chocolate covered strawberries

There is also a note about keeping them frozen, and allowing them to thaw for 15 minutes before eating. You can also refrigerate them, but they must be eaten within 48 hours. Eat within 2 hours if you leave it at room temperature.

Shopping Information and Notes

  • This bag was purchased on sale for $8.69. Regular price is $10.99 at Costco.
  • Bag is 20oz
  • Found in the frozen section by the desserts and frozen fruit.
  • Highly recommend it for a sweet treat.
  • They look like little hearts and would be great for upcoming Valentine’s celebrations.
  • Want to see what else Tru Fru makes? Check out their website at
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