Easy Acai Bowl from Costco

Easy Acai Bowl from Costco

Acai Roots Sorbet from Costco
Acai Roots Sorbet from Costco

Looking for an easy Acai Bowl from Costco that you can make at home? Try the Acai Roots Sorbet, which will be the fastest acai bowl option. Literally scoop and put your favorite toppings on it. No blender and no mess to clean up.

Read on to see the nutrition information and ingredients for this product, as well as ideas for toppings. Price and other product notes are also in the post.

Nutrition Information and Ingredients

Nutrition Information for Acai Roots Sorbet
Acai Roots Sorbet Nutrition Information and Ingredients

Preparation of Easy Acai Bowl from Costco

Since this is a sorbet, you literally just scoop it into a bowl and put your favorite toppings on it to create a quick and easy Acai bowl in your own kitchen. Toppings you might consider include fruits (berries, bananas, etc.), granola, chia seeds, honey, and nut butters.

Ideas and Notes

  • A 64 oz. container of Acai Roots Sorbet was purchased at a Costco in Hawaii for $13.79.
  • Literally the easiest Acai bowl prep you can find, if you want to make your own bowl at home.
  • For a slightly longer and more detailed list of possible toppings for your Acai bowl, check out this post by stylepreservation.com: Acai Roots Acai Sorbet from Costco
  • Check out the Acai Roots website for more information on their products and company.
  • See the Giovanni Rana Butternut Squash Ravioli at Costco post, if you’re interested in another organic food option from Costco.


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