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Waiālua Fresh Eggs at Costco

Waialua eggs plated with toast
Waiālua Fresh eggs plated with La Tour Sprouted Toast, peanut butter, and blackberries.

Waiālua Fresh Eggs at Costco

One of the wonderful things about Costco stores in Hawai’i is that you can find products that are locally grown or made in the islands. I love that I can find Waiālua Fresh eggs at Costco. They are one of the staples in my refrigerator.

The eggs come from Villa Rose Egg Farm on the North Shore of O’ahu. The Villa Rose company prioritizes sustainable farming. This is incredibly important for Hawai’i, as we are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and rely heavily on most of our food being shipped over from the continental United States. Supporting local brands means supporting local jobs and keeping more money in the state.

Keep reading for Waiālua Fresh eggs’ nutrition and shopping information.

Nutrition Information

First, see below for the nutrition information on the Waiālua Fresh packaging:

nutrition label from Waiālua  Fresh Eggs package
Waiālua Fresh eggs Nutrition Information

Brighter Orange Egg Yolks

You’ll notice the yolk color of eggs varies from brand to brand. The color of the yolk is dependent on the diet of the hen. Waiālua Fresh eggs tend to have a brighter, more orange color.

If you’re interested in why egg yolks are more yellow or orange in color, check out this article: The Surprising Reason the Color Of Egg Yolks Matter

How do you eat your eggs?

Whether you enjoy them poached, scrambled, sunny side up, or boiled, eggs make for a delicious breakfast or snack. They’re also necessary for many other recipes.

Waialua eggs plated with toast
Waiālua Fresh eggs plated with La Tour Sprouted Toast, peanut butter, blackberries, and honey.

A typical morning breakfast for me looks like this: 2 Waiālua eggs and a piece of toast from La Tour Bakery. La Tour is another favorite local brand that has its bread at Costco stores in Hawai’i. I usually add peanut or almond butter to my toast, as well as some berries. All of these products were purchased at a Costco store on O’ahu.

Shopping Information for Waiālua Fresh Eggs at Costco

  • Purchased 24 Large Grade A eggs for $6.29
  • Get more information about Villa Rose Farm and Waiālua Fresh eggs by visiting their website, https://www.waialuafresheggs.com
  • Find the Waiālua eggs in the dairy refrigerator with other eggs and milk.
  • If you’re interested in other Hawai’i products sold at Costco in Hawai’i, check out Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato or Hawaiian Poi.


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