poi at Costco

Hawaiian Poi

poi at Costco
Taro Brand Poi available at Costco stores in Hawaii

One of the staples of Hawaiian food is poi. Made from the root of taro, it is thick and some describe it as “paste-like.” Each individual who knows and eats poi, has their preferences. Preference for thickness, freshness, and brand. You usually find it accompanied by other Hawaiian foods such as poke, laulau, or lomi salmon. In Hawai’i, you can find Hawaiian poi sold at Costco.

Currently, Costco carries Taro Brand Poi and Hanalei Poi. Both are extremely popular brands in Hawai’i. The Taro Brand Poi is usually found in the produce section of Costco. The bags are unrefrigerated. The Hanalei Poi is in the refrigerated section, close to the produce. It is alongside other Hawai’i favorites, including Lomi Salmon and Taegu.

Taro Brand Poi

Taro Brand’s packaging states that it’s “all natural” and “hypoallergenic.” Currently, you can buy a 3 lb, 8oz bag for $16.99 at Costco in Hawaii.

See below for nutrition information and instructions for mixing with water, as they are printed on the back of the bag.

Taro Brand Poi nutrition facts
Taro Brand Poi nutrition facts
Back of bag mixing instructions for Taro Brand Poi
Mixing instructions for Taro Brand Poi

Hanalei Poi

As stated on the Hanalei Poi container, it is a product from the island of Kaua’i. It is $9.99 for a 16 oz container. See below for Hanalei Poi nutrition facts and mixing instructions.

Handle Poi at Costco
Hanalei Poi at Hawaii Costco stores

Below, you will find the nutrition facts and ingredients for Hanalei Poi. You will also see that it’s supposed to be refrigerated and is not meant to be eaten sour. Poi does take on a sour flavor, if left out on the counter.

There are also instructions, if you’d like to add water for a thinner consistency or if you are preparing it from frozen.

Hanalei Poi nutrition facts
Hanalei Poi nutrition facts

Notes About Hawaiian Poi at Costco

  • For more information about Taro Brand Poi, visit www.tarobrand.com
  • The Taro Brand website has lots of great recipes for poi. There’s a recipe for poi pancakes and poi smoothies.
  • For more information about Hanalei Poi, visit hanaleipoi.com
  • The Hanalei Poi website has a great FAQs page. It answers all of your Hanalei Poi questions.
  • Interested in more Hawaii-grown products sold at Hawaii Costco stores? Check out Hawaiian Purple Sweet Potato or Hamakua Mushrooms.


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