Jumbo pumpkins at Costco

Pumpkins at Costco

It’s fall and pumpkins are everywhere! Take a look at all the pumpkins at Costco stores, as well as the seasonal pumpkin flavored products. There’s everything from bread to protein powder in this round up, so get ready to have your pumpkin cravings satisfied! (Note: this post is from October 2022, and features products found at Costco stores in Hawaii. Availability and prices may differ at your local Costco store.)

Pumpkins for Carving at Costco

Let’s start with the actual gourd itself. You can find pumpkins for carving and roasting pumpkin seeds at Costco stores. There are Jumbo Pumpkins which make great jack-o-lanterns. Our Costco had them priced at $12.99 each.

Jumbo pumpkins at Costco
Jumbo Pumpkins at Costco for $12.99 each

You can also find smaller pumpkins in a 2 pack for $4.99. These were labeled as Fresh Pie Pumpkins.

fresh pie pumpkins at Costco
Fresh Pie Pumpkins 2 pack for $4.99

Pumpkin Bread at Costco

Looking to do some baking to fill your house with the delicious smell of pumpkin? Check out the Miss Jones Baking Co. Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix. A 3 pack of the mix was priced at $9.39.

Pumpkin Bread at Costco
Miss Jones Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix, $9.39 for 3 pouches of mix

Not feeling like baking? The ready-to-eat Costco Pumpkin Streusel Muffins might be up your alley. Found in the Costco muffin section, you can mix and match it with another muffin flavor for 12 muffins total. That’s a deal at $8.99 for the 2 6 packs!

Costco Pumpkin Streusel muffins
Costco Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

Another great, ready-made pumpkin choice would be the Pumpkin Spice Loaves. Covered in cream cheese icing and white chocolate shavings, you can pick one up for $8.99.

Costco Pumpkin Spice Loaves

Pumpkin Cookies and Pretzels at Costco

Honolulu Cookie Company shortbread cookies are always a favorite for a quick treat or gift-giving. This 16 oz bag of Pumpkin Mini Bites goes for $8.99.

Honolulu Cookie Company Mini Pumpkin Cookies
Honolulu Cookie Company Pumpkin Mini Bites, $8.99 per bag

Maybe a snack with crunch is what you’re looking for? Creative Snacks Co. Pumpkin Spiced Yogurt Flavored Pretzels were spotted at Costco. A 26 oz bag goes for $7.99.

Pumpkin Yogurt Pretzels
Pumpkin Spice Yogurt Flavored Pretzels $7.99 for 26 oz.

Maybe you need a quick protein boost? Orgain, which makes organic protein powder has a Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor at Costco this fall season. It’s $31.99 for a 2.74 lbs container. That’s 27 servings in total! Try it blending with your favorite nut milk and ice, or shake it up with some cold brew for a caffeinated and protein powered drink.

Pumpkin Desserts at Costco

I know some of the items already mentioned pass for desserts, but I’ve got a few more for you. Pots & Co. makes a pumpkin dessert out of spiced heavy cream and cream cheese. It’s topped with a graham cracker crumble. A 4 pack goes for $11.29.

Pumpkin Cream Pie Pots
Pots & Co. Pumpkin Cream Pie $11.29 for 4 pack

Finally, who could resist the deal of all deals! Costco’s pumpkin pie is large and goes for $5.99 each.

Costco pumpkin pie

Hope you enjoyed this quick round up of pumpkins at Costco, as well as all the pumpkin flavored products. If you are interested in other products that have been sold at Costco, check out White Rabbit Ice Cream Bar at Costco or Shaka Tea at Costco.

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