bottle of Shaka Tea

Shaka Tea at Costco

bottle of Shaka Tea
Shaka Tea is made from māmaki leaves grown in Hawai’i

Shaka Tea is one of my favorite drinks to keep on hand in the refrigerator. You can find Shaka Tea at Costco in Hawaii, and I’ve seen some friends in other states posting Shaka Tea at their Costco stores, too.

Keep reading for nutrition and shopping information, as well as what makes this a delicious and healthy drink choice for your next Costco run!

Nutrition Information

See below for the nutrition information from the Shaka Tea bottle.

nutrition information for Shaka Tea on back of bottle
Nutrition information for Shaka Tea

With zero calories and no added sugar, this is a great option if you are looking for something refreshing that does not add to the calorie count. It is sweetened with monk fruit juice, and uses lots of natural ingredients.

It is also caffeine-free which means you can drink it any time of day or night!

Why do I like Shaka Tea?

Aside from the nutrition facts listed above, Shaka Tea is very refreshing and lightly flavored with fruit. The Costco cases come with Pineapple Mint and Mango Hibiscus flavors. I keep them chilled in the fridge and have zero guilt enjoying one day or night.

I also like that they are a company based on Hawai’i island. They support local farmers and use the māmaki plant which grows abundantly there. The leaves are grown in Hawai’i and the company is based in Hawai’i, but the bottles are packed in the continental US and Japan which allows them to distribute all around the world.

cases of Shaka Tea at Costco
Shaka Tea at Costco stores in Hawaii

Shopping Information

  • A case of 12 14 oz bottles is $14.99 at Costco in Hawai’i. Like most products, it sometimes goes on sale. The last time it was on sale for $11.99.
  • In Hawai’i, you can also find them at Foodland and Target. They stock some of their other flavors, like Lemon Lokelani, which is delicious!
  • This is great is you enjoy drinks that are lightly sweet and a little fruity.
  • For more information on Shaka Tea, visit
  • If you’re interested in other Costco products with Hawai’i ties, check out Anahola Granola or Hawaiian Poi.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite Hawai’i product is at Costco!

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