front of Kirkland Signature Organic Creamy Almond Butter jar

Kirkland Almond Butter

front of Kirkland Signature Organic Creamy Almond Butter jar
Kirkland Organic Creamy Almond Butter from Costco

Here is another Costco staple feature: Kirkland Almond Butter. This is a must-have in my refrigerator, and it pops up on my shopping list regularly. I find it useful for a variety of meal and snack preparations.

Keep reading for the Costco brand’s creamy Almond Butter nutrition information, ingredients, ideas for what to eat with it, and shopping notes and information.

Kirkland Almond Butter Nutrition Information and Ingredients

See below for the nutrition information and ingredients taken from the back of the plastic jar.

nutrition information label for Kirkland Organic Almond Butter from Costco
Nutrition Information for Kirkland Almond Butter

This product is labeled as organic, and the only ingredient is roasted almonds. The serving size is 2 Tbsps, which includes 17g of fat, 7g of carbohydrates, and 6g of protein.

What do I eat with Almond Butter?

Now let’s talk about eating this delicious nut butter! Almond butter is a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can be paired with a variety of foods. Here are some delicious options for what to eat with almond butter:

  1. Toast: Spread almond butter on whole-grain toast for a tasty and satisfying breakfast or snack. You can also add sliced bananas or a drizzle of honey for extra flavor.
  2. Fruit: Dip apple slices, banana chunks, or celery sticks into almond butter for a healthy and quick snack. The combination of the creamy almond butter with the fresh fruit is delightful.
  3. Smoothies: Add a spoonful of almond butter to your favorite smoothie recipe. It will give your smoothie a creamy texture and an extra boost of protein and healthy fats.
  4. Oatmeal: Stir almond butter into your bowl of hot oatmeal to enhance its flavor and make it more filling. You can also add some berries or sliced almonds on top for added crunch.
  5. Yogurt: Swirl almond butter into your plain yogurt for a nutty and satisfying twist. Top it off with granola or fresh fruit for a complete and nutritious snack.
  6. Vegetables: Almond butter can be used as a dip for veggies like carrot sticks, cucumber slices, or bell pepper strips. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional dips.
  7. Sandwiches: Use almond butter as a spread in your sandwiches instead of the usual peanut butter or other condiments. It pairs well with sliced fruits like apples or pears, as well as with jam or honey.
  8. Rice Cakes or Crackers: Spread almond butter on rice cakes or whole-grain crackers for a quick and easy snack that provides energy and essential nutrients.
  9. Pancakes or Waffles: Instead of using syrup, try drizzling almond butter over your pancakes or waffles. It adds a nutty flavor and is a healthier option.
  10. Frozen Treats: Mix almond butter into frozen yogurt or ice cream for a nutty and indulgent dessert.
overhead shot of Veggies Made Great Frittata plated
Kirkland Almond Butter pictured above with LaTour Sprouted Bread, Veggies Made Great Frittatas, and strawberries.
All items purchased at Costco.

Shopping Information and Notes

  • $11.99 for a 27oz jar of Kirkland Almond Butter
  • Find it near the other nut butters and jams
  • Refrigerate after opening
  • Looking for more Kirkland Signature products? Check out the Kirkland Greek Yogurt.
  • Explore more great items at Costco on their website:

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