Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice front of box

Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice

Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice front of box
Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice purchased at Costco

Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice

Are you a fan of fried rice? Sometimes you crave it, but you don’t have that day old rice to throw in a pan. Sometimes you might feel plain lazy and not want to pull out the frying pan at all. The Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice is a great, quick option that will satisfy your fried rice cravings.

Keep reading for nutrition information, cooking instructions, and shopping notes.

Nutrition Information and Ingredients

See below for nutrition information and ingredients listed on the side of the Vegetable Fried Rice box.

nutrition information for vegetable fried rice from Costco
Nutrition Information and ingredients

If you are a vegetarian that eats eggs, this may be an option for you. Not vegan friendly due to the eggs.

Cooking Instructions

vegetable fried rice in microwaveable bag
Prepare the vegetable fried rice in this bag with 3 minutes of cooking in the microwave and 1 minute of rest

As you can see from the package above, there are 2 recommended cooking methods. You can microwave the fried rice in the provided package for 3 minutes or pan-fry it on medium heat for approximately 6 minutes.

I have eaten this several times and always microwave it. It’s faster, easier, and you don’t have to dirty a pan. It comes out perfectly every time!

Information and Notes for Bibigo Vegetable Fried Rice from Costco

  • This was purchased at a Costco store in Hawaii.
  • For $10.99, you get 6 8oz bags of fried rice.
  • Found in the frozen foods section, you will keep in your freezer until ready to cook.
  • It can be ready in as little as 3 minutes in the microwave; 4 minutes if you count the 1 minute of cooling.
  • It tastes delicious and is meat-free. It does contain egg, so it’s not vegan friendly.
  • If you are interested in Bibigo, check out their website
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  • Another great product to check out would be the Royal Asia Vegetable Spring Rolls.

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